What is Hosting?

Hosting is a life changing experience for those who have the compassion to share their home for a brief time. Families welcome an orphan into their home to experience the love and safety of a family for 11 weeks during the summer, or 4 weeks during Christmas holidays. Few families are not deeply affected by the children that they meet. This is a challenging and rewarding experience for all who choose to participate.

Host Ukraine works with orphanages in Ukraine to bring kids to the United States to enjoy the comfort and safety of a loving family.  

How Do I Start?

Follow the steps below to join us as a host parent…

Step 3: Application

Once you found an available child that you want to host you begin the application process. We require host families to have a home safety check and background checks on all adults in your home.

Step 4: Education

Hosting orphans requires unique parenting skills commonly referred to as “connected parenting”. These techniques are crucial to success as a host parent.  We provide a list of resources and have several training sessions to get parents ready before they meet the kids. Family coaches will be available to advise host families that have challenges but you will need to rely on the training and make appropriate decisions.  Hosting is a commitment to provide a home for the entire session.

Step 5: Hosting

You will meet your host child at one of 5 designated airports. Airport coordinators are there to assist in a smooth transition. You will leave the airport with your host child and a network of support from coaches and other host families. If you have challenges, your coaches will help you get things back on track. At the end of the session you bring your child back to the airport and chaperones escort them back to their orphanages.

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