When you host a child you become the means to a beginning.
Pam Pedersen, a host mom


Orphan hosting is a simple yet life-changing endeavor.

Families welcome an orphan into their home to temporarily become part of the family –  for 11 weeks during the summer, or 4 weeks during Christmas holidays. This “reverse mission trip” allows the host child to experience life inside a family.


Host families share God’s love with the child, as well as their own values, hobbies and cultural experiences. Just as the orphan child experiences American culture and the English language, so does the host family learn from the child about Ukraine’s customs, history, beliefs and culture.


Host children range in age from 6-16 years. Families browse the photolisting and bios/descriptions of available children and, with the help of a Host Ukraine team member, families can choose a child (or sibling set) who best fits into their family dynamic.


Hosting an orphan child is a lot like going on a mission trip. Except you’re bringing the mission trip into your home where the entire family, and your community gets to be involved in giving the blessing, no matter how old or young. Bringing the mission trip home creates a beautiful cultural exchange between the host child, and the host family’s parents and siblings.

Host families intend to bless an orphan child, but often find they also receive an incredible blessing, as they give the child the gift of hope and love.


Ready to see the kids?
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Want to know more?
Visit our frequently asked questions page or contact a Host Ukraine coordinator here.

While Host Ukraine is unashamedly a faith-driven organization, we refuse to discriminate.
Our goal is to place orphan children into loving homes, regardless of the host family’s faith, creed, or belief system.
Of course, it should also go without saying that Host Ukraine does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, or origin.

All host families are screened for criminal background checks, according to law.