Host Family Application

Ready to host? Please complete the form below to apply to host a child.

Thank you for deciding to host!

Please fill out this online application and we will reserve the host child you are considering.

There is a $100 fee required to submit this application. Once your application has been received we will send a request for a deposit on your child. There is a separate fee for criminal background checks. You will need to make a $750 deposit within 48 hours to move your child from hold to hosted.

Current Winter Host fees are: $3000 per child. Sibling sets are $5600 for 2 children and $7500 for 3 children.

Host Ukraine is a nonprofit so by law, all money received is non-refundable. Funds can be moved to another child. If you are unable to host, for any reason,  you can use your donation to scholarship a child or assist another host family.

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