Pre Hosting Education

Parenting children from trauma is very different than children from stable family environments. Successful hostings require parents who are educated in connected parenting techniques (TBRI).  Most challenges that occur during hosting are not caused by behavior issues with children, but by lack of host parent preparedness and training. Minor issues can escalate into monumental problems when families attempt to apply traditional parenting techniques to kids from hard places. These children need educated, informed adults to help them regulate behavior and feel safe. Good intentions are not enough; that’s why we place such a high priority on education, training and support. And we are with you every step of the way.

Education is critical to prepare you to help your host child cope with a highly stressful new environment. You will be assigned an experienced family coach to assist and guide you through the hosting session, but preparation begins now by reading these books, and watching the videos. We also have an informative online live training session offered several times in early December to review rules, cultural differences, communication and many tips for hosting. These are all mandatory for both parents (Dads, too) because we know it works!

Mandatory Reading for All Host Parents & Caregivers

Highly Recommended Additional Book

The Connected Child: Bring Hope & Healing to Your Adoptive Family
by Karen Purvis

Beyond Consequences, Logic & Control: Volume 1
by Heather T. Forbes LCSW

Wounded Children, Healing Homes
by Jayne E Schooler